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Submission, Initial Assessment and Peer Review

The Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang has a completely web-based system for submitting and reviewing manuscripts. Submissions must be prepared in accordance with the Author's Guidelines and uploaded to the register page or via this link. Manuscripts can be returned to the author without scientific judgment if the manuscript does not meet all the submission requirements, if it is not in the correct format, or cannot be downloaded reliably.

Submissions must represent original work and be independent of the author. Each new submission is assessed by one or more editors to determine whether the submission is included in the general delivery of the Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang. We will reject a manuscript without a review if it contains educational content that does not meet the requirements; does not have a clear application for education; especially with regard to developing and developing methodologies and applying these methods to education; there are substantive problems with the design, methodology, or data quality; the word exceeds the word limit or is not formatted correctly; the script is poorly presented and unclear.

Manuscripts that pass the initial assessment are forwarded to subject matter experts in our Associate Editor team to oversee the review process. All papers are subject to peer review and the author can expect a decision, or explanation for the delay, within one month of receipt. If the revision is invited, the author must submit the revised manuscript within 2 weeks. The final decision was taken by one senior editor based on information obtained through a peer review process.

Decision type: Reject, Resend, Revise, Accept


After peer review, the paper was deemed unacceptable for publication in the Kanderang Tingang Scientific Journal and resending was not possible.


The version of the paper submitted is unacceptable and requires major revision but there is clear potential in this work and the Scientific Journal of Kanderang Tingang is ready to consider the new version. The author was offered the opportunity to resubmit his paper as a new submission. Concerns will remain regarding the suitability of the paper for publication until the editor is convinced by the author that the paper is in accordance with the scope and standards of the Kanderang Tingang Scientific Journal. Submissions that are sent back will be returned to the original partner editor if possible.


This paper requires changes before a final decision can be made. Authors are asked to modify their manuscript based on comments received from reviewers and editors, and to submit a new version for consideration within 2 weeks of receiving a decision letter. A point-by-point explanation of how comments have been addressed must be included with the revised version of the paper. Revisions can undergo further peer review and papers can undergo more than one revision round. If the author does not revise their paper to satisfy the editors, the paper can still be rejected from publication in the Kanderang Tingang Scientific Journal.

Final Acceptance

This paper is acceptable for publication, depending on the conditions that need to be dealt with in producing the final version of the manuscript. This may include sub-editing changes and minor amendments to ensure the paper fully complies with our criteria. After the final inspection at the editorial office, acceptance is confirmed and the paper is forwarded to the publisher for publication.