The Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang was first published in 2010 (starting with the 30 July 2010 edition). This journal officially starts based on Decree no. 0005.103 / JI.3.2 / SK.ISSN / 2010.07 Dated July 30, 2010. Publisher of FKIP Universitas Palangka Raya. Frequency of issue 6 months or 2 times a year. Tingang is a type of bird typical of Central Kalimantan (Borneo). Pictures of tingang birds are found on the Palangka Raya University logo. Bird Tingang (hornbill) symbolizes the search / research of science in freedom, closeness to nature and the environment. Kanderang is the loud sound of a tingang. The Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang is a means to voice the results of education research / theoritical review.