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Vol. 11 No. 1 (2020): Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang
Jurnal hasil penelitian pendidikan kimia JIKT#2020.

The Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang Volume 11 Number 1 January-June 2020 period is published on the topics of research results of students and lecturers in Education. These interesting topics are about: Difficulties of Students High School Students, Profile of Mastery Chemical Bonding Concepts, Understanding Colloidal System Concepts, Profile of Mastery Concepts of Atomic Structure, Understanding of the Concept of Mass Conservation Law, Development of Multimedia Learning of Electrolyte Solutions and Non Electrolyte, Understanding Hydrocarbon Compound Isomer Concepts, Quality of Final Semester Assessment Questions Made by Chemistry Subjects Teacher, Profile of Mastery Nomenclature Nomenclature and Reaction Equations, Students' Understanding of Petroleum Concepts, Chemical Analysis of Concepts and Chemical Representations of Atomic Structure Material, Analysis of Atomic Structure Material, Analysis Chemistry Materials Stoichiometry Concepts, Student Difficulty Understanding Basic Chemical Law Concepts, Student Difficulty Understanding Gas Law Concepts, Student Difficulty Understanding Lewis Structure Concepts, Profile of Mastery Mole Concept, Differences in Understanding Colloidal System Concepts Between Learning Using Concept Maps and Mind Maps , Analysis of Teaching Materials Reaction Rate Concepts in High School Chemistry Textbooks, Analysis of High School Chemistry Teaching Materials on Thermochemical Concepts, and Development of Learning Multimedia by Using Lectora Inspectora Based on Multiple Representation for Chemical Equilibrium Materials.

Published: 2020-06-30

Chemistry Education

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Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang contains articles on the results of educational studies and research on the curriculum, educators and acts of educating / teaching, students and acts of learning, educational environment, educational assessment and evaluation, especially in the field of chemical education. There is a picture of a Tingang on the Palangka Raya University logo. Tingang Bird (hornbill) symbolizes the search / research of science in freedom, closeness to nature and the environment. Kanderang is the loud sound of a Tingang Bird. The Jurnal Ilmiah Kanderang Tingang is a scientific media to voice the results of education research.