The Role of Out-of-school Education in Strengthening Character Education

  • Dewi Ratna Juwita
  • Yossita Wisman Palangka Raya University
Keywords: character, public, education


Education is not just an effort to improve students' skills and knowledge, but also to educate students' character. The facts show that there has been a moral and ethical decline in students from an early age. This is certainly a fundamental concern in education today. Education is not sufficient only in schools, but wherever it is necessary to carry out education in all aspects of students' lives. This text was prepared to examine the values ​​of life in the framework of character development and education, as well as various factors that influence the dynamics of implementing life values. This paper is a study that analyzes several events as evidence of the existence of complex issues surrounding the character of the nation's children. The study discusses the understanding of education outside of school as strengthening character education. This is inseparable from concerns about the low moral values ​​and character of students based on several studies. This study uses the library study method by collecting secondary data from various literature. The data is analyzed and compiled from the results of research on education that is appropriate for that. The results of the study show that education is the development and inheritance of values ​​originating from the outlook on life or ideology of the Indonesian nation, religion, culture, and the virtues formulated by the ancestors and predecessors of the nation which have become good habits and in line with the goals National Education. The role of out-of-school education in strengthening character education lies in the implementation of learning in the community and family environment.


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